What can Home Surveillance Cameras do for me?

Have you ever gotten home to your house after work and found out that your package has been stolen off of the front porch, or perhaps that your landscaping has been vandalized? Home Surveillance cameras are designed to provide you with video evidence of exactly what occurred. This can save you money, by being able to recover your package that was stolen or get the perpetrator to pay for the vandalism to your property. Surveillance cameras will silently record exactly what happens at your home, so that you can put a stop to the annoying and sometimes costly crimes that are perpetrated at your home while you are away or even asleep inside the house.

Hidden Nanny Spy Cameras

These cameras are most popular for watching and recording what happens in your home. These cameras have a built-in dvr and memory so that they do not have to be wired into a seperate DVR. These camers simply record onto memory inside the camera, and you can plug it into your PC later to playback the video. Hidden nanny cams come in many shapes and sizes. Check out our complete line of hidden nanny spy cameras below.

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Home Surveillance Camera Systems

There are a few major types of Home Surveillance Camera systems that you might consider when you are looking to provide security for your home. These types of systems are PC-Based and Standalone DVR Home Surveillance Systems. Learn more about these system types here...

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Home Surveillance Outdoor Cameras

Here are some Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras that can be plugged directly into your Television, DVR, VCR or PC-Based DVR.
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Home Surveillance Indoor Cameras

For some great information and options for visible or covert Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras, check out our Indoor Home Surveillance Camera page below. These cameras can be plugged directly into your Television, DVR, Standalone DVR or even VCR to record what happens inside your home.
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Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras provide great video coverage of the inside areas of your home. These cameras are commonly used by homeowners who have elderly or disabled persons living in their home, home healthcare workers, babysitters or nannies who need to be watched. These cameras can be found in dome (visible) or Covert (hidden) varieties.

Below, you will find some of the indoor home surveillance cameras we have tested.

Indoor Dome Home Surveillance Cameras

Dome style indoor home surveillance cameras are popular for installations where the homeowners wants people to know that they are being watched. These cameras can help to deter theft in your home by showing the individuals that they are indeed being watched and recorded. Some indoor dome home surveillance cameras also contain Infrared night vision capabilities for No-Light conditions.

E-806 Indoor Home Surveillance Camera Budget Dome

Budget style Indoor Dome Home Surveillance Camera

For basic home surveillance camera installations, this budget style home surveillance camera is highly recommended.  This camera provides great quality daytime picture for an indoor camera installation at the low price of less than $50 per camera.

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ID-6200 High Resolution Sony Indoor Home Surveillance Camera with Infrared Night Vision IR

Hi-Res Sony CCD Infrared Night-Vision Dome Surveillance Camera

For Daytime and Nighttime indoor home surveillance camera installations, this High Resolution CCD Indoor dome home surveillance camera provides great color picture during the daytime and infrared night vision at night in no-light conditions.

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Sony Hi-Res Indoor Dome Style Home Surveillance Camera

Hi-Res Sony CCD Indoor Dome Home Surveillance Camera

For optimum daytime picture, these ultra high resolution sony 480 TVL CCD indoor home surveillance cameras are an excellent choice. These cameras are ideal for virtually any home installation where light-weight ceiling mounted dome cameras are required.

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Hidden Home Surveillance Cameras

Covert (Hidden) style home surveillance cameras are extremely popular for home camera installation where the homeowner does not want the occupants to know that they are being watched.  These cameras come in several different varieties, sizes and types. Covert cameras are the most popular indoor home surveillance camera, as they can be concealed right in plain sight and provide quality video for a home surveillance camera system. These cameras can be plugged directly into a Television or VCR or can be used with a Standalone DVR or PC-Based DVR System.

Budget Color CMOS Pinhole Covert Hidden spy camera

Miniature Covert Hidden Home Surveillance Camera

For a budget home surveillance camera installation, these covert miniature CMOS color cameras provide the ability to hide the camera inside of a clock, book, flower pot or virtually anywhere in your home. These cameras are very popular for home surveillance installations where covert cameras are required.

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CD-7335 Home Surveillance Hidden Sprinkler Style Covert Camera

Hi-Res Hidden Sony CCD Sprinkler Home Surveillance Camera

If your home has a sprinkler system installed for fire prevention, these Sony Hi-Res CCD Covert style sprinkler cameras are an excellent choice. Within the fake sprinkler head body, is housed a high resolution pinhole style Sony CCD image sensor that will provide clear video of your home.

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CD-7226 Covert Home Motion Detector Style Hidden Indoor Surveillance Camera

Hi-Res Sony CCD Hidden Motion Detector Home Surveillance Camera

These Covert Home Surveillance indoor cameras are the most popular for home installations, because they look exactly like an alarm system motion detector.  Hidden inside this motion detector style body is a high resolution sony image sensor with a wide-angle pinhole lens.

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Hidden Spy Nanny Cams

These hidden covert nanny cameras provide you with the ability to really see what happens at your home while you are away. They are very common for watching children, nanny, babysitter, maid or more. Each of these cameras records audio and video onto internal memory or a removable SD card so that you can play back the video later. Many cameras even have motion detection style recording, to conserve on space and battery use. Some cameras, like the ALC-DVR32 will run continuously and over-write the oldest video so that you can simply leave it running at all times, while other cameras like our ALM-DVR1 and ALM-DVRHD1 models are battery operated for basic installations and require recharging/clearing from time to time. Select from one of our hidden spy nanny cameras, or you can find our full line of hidden cameras.

ALM-DVR1 Mini-alarm clock Covert hidden nanny spy camera

Hidden Mini-Alarm Clock Nanny Spy Cam

For low budget installs, the ALM-DVR1 is a great choice.  The camera delivers 640x480 color video recording with audio when motion is detected. Because it is battery operated, it can be placed anywhere and can record what happens. This spy camera has a functional alarm clock so no one will ever know it is a camera.

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ALC-DVR32SL nightvision alarm clock hidden spy camera

Cube Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Nanny Camera w/night vision

The ALC-DVR32SL hidden nanny spy camera is a popular choice for extended use applications. It has no battery, and is powered from a normal outlet, so this clock can be used continuously and will even overwrite oldest video once it fills up (optionally). This fully functional AM/FM dual alarm clock nanny camera will even record in the dark with low-lux night vision.

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ALM-DVRHD1 High Definition Mini Covert hidden nanny spy camera

Hidden Hi-Def Mini-Alarm Clock Nanny Cam

The ALM-DVRHD1 is a high resolution version of the ALM-DVR1 model. This model is powered with a rechargable battery and records with motion detection capabilities. It records at 1280x960 resolution in color video with audio and comes with a 4GB microSD card.

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