What can Home Surveillance Cameras do for me?

Have you ever gotten home to your house after work and found out that your package has been stolen off of the front porch, or perhaps that your landscaping has been vandalized? Home Surveillance cameras are designed to provide you with video evidence of exactly what occurred. This can save you money, by being able to recover your package that was stolen or get the perpetrator to pay for the vandalism to your property. Surveillance cameras will silently record exactly what happens at your home, so that you can put a stop to the annoying and sometimes costly crimes that are perpetrated at your home while you are away or even asleep inside the house.

Hidden Nanny Spy Cameras

These cameras are most popular for watching and recording what happens in your home. These cameras have a built-in dvr and memory so that they do not have to be wired into a seperate DVR. These camers simply record onto memory inside the camera, and you can plug it into your PC later to playback the video. Hidden nanny cams come in many shapes and sizes. Check out our complete line of hidden nanny spy cameras below.

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Home Surveillance Camera Systems

There are a few major types of Home Surveillance Camera systems that you might consider when you are looking to provide security for your home. These types of systems are PC-Based and Standalone DVR Home Surveillance Systems. Learn more about these system types here...

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Home Surveillance Outdoor Cameras

Here are some Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras that can be plugged directly into your Television, DVR, VCR or PC-Based DVR.
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Home Surveillance Indoor Cameras

For some great information and options for visible or covert Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras, check out our Indoor Home Surveillance Camera page below. These cameras can be plugged directly into your Television, DVR, Standalone DVR or even VCR to record what happens inside your home.
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PC-Based Home Surveillance Camera DVR Systems

For excellent, reliable home surveillance camera DVR systems, a PC-Based DVR camera system is often the system of choice for homeowners.  These systems can be used with your own Windows XP or Windows Vista PC to record from your indoor or outdoor home surveillance cameras onto your PCs hard drive.  This allows you to view your Live and Pre-Recorded footage right on your PC monitor. These systems are often less-expensive than Standalone DVR systems, because they use your own PC for recording purposes. These PC-Based Systems are also very popular, because they provide great quality video recording, as well as advanced features, such as email alerts and remote camera viewing from a PC, Laptop, PDA Phone or java-enabled cell phone in many cases.

After testing many different types of PC-Based Home Surveillance DVR Systems, we have arrived at the following types of systems, that we can highly recommend for both budget, as well as professional-grade home surveillance systems.

PC DVR Cards for Home Surveillance

Alnet Home Surveillance DVR Cards

From all of the PCI DVR Card/Software combinations that we have tested, the Alnet DVR Cards provide the best quality video (up to 720 x 480 resolution per camera). These DVR Cards also provide excellent quality remote viewing capabilities, permitting you to view your home over the internet from your PC, Laptop, PDA Phone (WM5, WM6, PocketPC), Windows Mobile SmartPhones or even Java Enabled Cell-Phones.  These Alnet DVR Cards will allow you to plug in your Home surveillance indoor or outdoor cameras directly into your PC for recording and displaying.

Alnet Home CCTV PC-Based DVR CardsAlnet PCI DVR Cards

4-Channel 30 fps Alnet Surveillance PCI DVR Card
4-Channel 120 fps Alnet REAL-TIME Surveillance PCI DVR Card
Multiple 4 channel cards can be used in the same PC for 8,12 or 16 cameras total

16-Channel 240 fps Alnet Surveillance PCI DVR Card
16-Channel 480 fps Alnet REAL-TIME Surveillance PCI DVR Card
32-Channel 240 fps Alnet Surveillance PCI DVR Card

Security Eyes Basic Home Surveillance DVR Cards

For basic home surveillance camera systems, the Security Eyes Pro PCI DVR Card is a great choice for homeowners on a tight budget. These cards provide basic viewing and recording from your Home surveillance cameras directly onto the PC's Hard Drive, so that you can view your live or pre-recorded footage on your PC or over the internet. With basic internet remote viewing capabilities, you can view your cameras from virtually anywhere in the world, using your current DSL or Broadband internet connection with Static IP address. These Cards are great to provide the video inputs on your PC for basic home surveillance camera systems.

Security Eyes Pro PC Based DVR RecordingSecurity Eyes Pro DVR Cards for Home Surveillance

4-Channel Basic 30 fps Security Eyes Pro Home Surveillance PCI DVR Card
Multiple 4 channel cards can be used in the same PC for 8,12 or 16 cameras total

PC-Based DVR Home Surveillance Camera Systems

Below you will find several different options for PC-Based Home Surveillance Camera Systems that can be used for indoor or outdoor home surveillance camera systems.

Alnet CCTV Home Surveillance Camera PC-Based DVR Systems

The following Home Surveillance Camera PC-Based DVR Systems include an Alnet Systems Professional model DVR Card, software and indoor or outdoor home surveillance cameras.

Security Eyes Home Surveillance PC-Based Camera Systems

For Budget-Style Home Surveillance Camera Systems, these Security Eyes based PC Home Surveillance Systems are a great choice. Below you will find many different indoor or outdoor home surveillance camera systems which include the Security Eyes Budget DVR Card, software and various home surveillance cameras.