What can Home Surveillance Cameras do for me?

Have you ever gotten home to your house after work and found out that your package has been stolen off of the front porch, or perhaps that your landscaping has been vandalized? Home Surveillance cameras are designed to provide you with video evidence of exactly what occurred. This can save you money, by being able to recover your package that was stolen or get the perpetrator to pay for the vandalism to your property. Surveillance cameras will silently record exactly what happens at your home, so that you can put a stop to the annoying and sometimes costly crimes that are perpetrated at your home while you are away or even asleep inside the house.

Hidden Nanny Spy Cameras

These cameras are most popular for watching and recording what happens in your home. These cameras have a built-in dvr and memory so that they do not have to be wired into a seperate DVR. These camers simply record onto memory inside the camera, and you can plug it into your PC later to playback the video. Hidden nanny cams come in many shapes and sizes. Check out our complete line of hidden nanny spy cameras below.

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Home Surveillance Camera Systems

There are a few major types of Home Surveillance Camera systems that you might consider when you are looking to provide security for your home. These types of systems are PC-Based and Standalone DVR Home Surveillance Systems. Learn more about these system types here...

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Home Surveillance Outdoor Cameras

Here are some Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras that can be plugged directly into your Television, DVR, VCR or PC-Based DVR.
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Home Surveillance Indoor Cameras

For some great information and options for visible or covert Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras, check out our Indoor Home Surveillance Camera page below. These cameras can be plugged directly into your Television, DVR, Standalone DVR or even VCR to record what happens inside your home.
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Home Surveillance Camera Systems

Many US homeowners are beginning to install Home Surveillance Cameras and Systems in and around their homes to help protect their property and families from theft, vandalism and more. Throughout the last several years, Home Surveillance Cameras have become a more affordable method of protecting your home, with systems starting from around $300, any homeowner can afford the minimal expense to provide protection for their home.

Home Surveillance Camera systems can include a mixture of indoor and outdoor cameras, to provide total coverage of your home. Outdoor cameras are the most common cameras for Home Surveillance Camera Systems, as they provide coverage of your home's yard, mailbox, driveway, front door, back door and more. This way, you can always have video footage of what has happened in or around your home. Indoor cameras are generally used when video footage is required inside your home.  These indoor home surveillance cameras are common with vacation homes, homes where maids or home healthcare workers are present, or to keep an eye on the children while the babysitter is there.

Home Surveillance Camera Types

Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras - Protect the outside of your homeHome Surveillance Outdoor Cameras

The most popular style of Home Surveillance camera is an Outdoor Home Surveillance Camera. These cameras provide great quality video footage of the outside of your home and property. Outdoor CCTV Cameras can be used to monitor who is at the front door, watch the children playing in the yard, monitor who is in your driveway and protect against theft and vandalism.

Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras - Dome or Covert/Hidden styleHome Surveillance Indoor Cameras

If you are looking to keep video footage of any home health workers, children, babysitters, nannies or maids that might be working or staying inside of your home. Indoor Home Surveillance CCTV Cameras provide a great way to protect the inside of your home. These cameras come in several different varieties: Dome Indoor Home Surveillance cameras and Covert Hidden Home Indoor Surveillance Cameras. Dome cameras are great to deter theft and let everyone in your home know that they are being watched, while covert indoor home surveillance cameras are able to provide the video footage without anyone knowing it is a camera.

Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras

Home Surveillance Camera Systems

Standalone DVR Home Surveillance Camera Systems to protecting your homeStandalone DVR Home Surveillance Camera Systems

These Standalone DVR Systems are very popular with homeowners who are looking to view their home surveillance cameras directly on their TV. These systems can include indoor home surveillance cameras, outdoor home surveillance cameras, or a combination of the two. These Standalone DVR systems also have the option for internet viewing, so that you can view the cameras right on your PC over the network or over the internet.

Standalone DVR Home Surveillance Camera Systems

PC-Based Home Surveillance Camera SystemsPC-Based Home Surveillance Camera DVR Systems

Many homeowners opt for a PC-Based Home Surveillance Camera system. These systems are often less-expensive because you can use your own Windows XP or Windows Vista PC to record from your Home Surveillance cameras. In this area, we will look at many of the benefits of using PC-Based DVR Cards with your PC to build your Home Surveillance Camera System.

Home Surveillance Camera PC-Based DVR Systems